Internet Explorer 9, Chrome extensions


JUST WANTED TO CATCH-UP with the latest dispatches from the battle-field of browsers. Microsoft set to announce Internet Explorer 9, while Google has been working (unofficially) with a number of extensions for Chrome.

Microsoft VP Steven Sinofsky is set to unveil the software giants plans for Internet Explorer 9 tomorrow. Neowin understands that the company is planning a technical preview of Internet Explorer 9 for developers and customers, but that the bits and preview may not be available immediately. [via Neowin]

Not only does the home tab page on the new builds of Chromium (and the dev builds of Chrome) feature not-yet-turned-on links to what looks to be an extensions gallery, but there are plenty of references (and pictures) in the Chromium boards as to what Google is planning with extension support. [via TechCrunch]


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