Indonesia?s software ready to compete big boys


Stop your daily routine of opening, closing and changing from one application to another, for e-mail, browser, instant messaging, agenda, address book, word processing, spreadsheet, video conferencing, multimedia chat rooms and many more. Just use one application that does it all.

Yes, this is a tool that has everything. By using Indline you can create multimedia e-mail in which you can embed your own recordings, whether voice or video recordings. Plus, you can have your own multimedia chat rooms where you can not only do chatting by using webcam and microphone, but also share music, pre-recorded videos and DVDs with everyone in the chat room.

What do you think of having one application that does it all? Have you ever imagined being able to broadcast your own video or recording worldwide simply by using a chat room? Or have you ever imagined seeing a live concert that involves musicians in different places by using internet connection in your own PC or notebook?

Check-out my CNET Asia tech post on Indline.


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