04 August 2015 — 01:08

Indonesia’s most followed media on Twitter

SINCE TWITTER TOOK OVER the media “role”, the large media organizations see this as an opportunity to reach and engage their readers online.

That idea is totally valid. When it comes to breaking news and exclusive news, everyone still relies on mainstream media. Public always wanted to get the confirmed informations and the in-depth stories from the media guys, because they  have their own infrastructure, networks, editors, writers and reporters.

If you are into Indonesian news and updates; and love Twitter, you’re so lucky. You can follow a bunch of local media Twitter accounts –some of them have thousands of followers (please keep in mind that only media with than 10,000 followers added to the list).

Check it out:


Twitter: @Metro_TV
Web: http://www.metrotvnews.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 5
Followers: 281,104
Listed: 3,693


Twitter: @detikcom
Web: http://www.detik.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 57
Followers: 273,231
Listed: 2,493


Twitter: @kompasdotcom
Web: http://www.kompas.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 116
Followers: 232,007
Listed: 3,831


Twitter: @kapanlagicom
Web: KapanLagi.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 471
Followers: 58,841
Listed: 558

Koran Tempo

Twitter: @korantempo
Web: http://tempointeraktif.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 1
Followers: 51,156
Listed: 1,282


Twitter: @VivanewsGroup
Web: http://vivanews.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 3,708
Followers: 48,906
Listed: 1,232

The Jakarta Globe

Twitter: @thejakartaglobe
Web: http://www.thejakartaglobe.com
Language: English
Following: 40
Followers: 28,986
Listed: 1,093

Media Indonesia

Twitter: @midotcom
Web: http://mediaindonesia.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 2
Followers: 19,374
Listed: 757

The Jakarta Post

Twitter: @jakpost
Web: http://thejakartapost.com
Language: English
Following: 416
Followers: 18,125
Listed: 867


Twitter: @okezonenews
Web: http://okezone.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 2,826
Followers: 17,297
Listed: 462


Twitter: @republikaonline
Web: http://republika.co.id
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 2
Followers: 16,068
Listed: 562

Update — Added on 8 November:


Twitter: @tvOneNews
Web: http://www.tvone.co.id
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 47
Followers: 170,972
Listed: 2,548


Twitter:  @antaranews
Web: http://www.antaranews.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 1,160
Followers: 27,788
Listed: 994

Radio Elshinta

Twitter: @RadioElshinta
Web: http://elshinta.com
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Following: 2
Followers: 26,599
Listed: 931


  1. horeee ada kapanlagi!!

  2. Mas Budi,
    Yahoo! Indonesia have 25,928 followers, so it should be between The Jakarta Globe (28,986 followers) and Media Indonesia (19,374 followers)


  3. budip

    Yeah :-D

  4. Hore… Mari makan-makan :D

  5. wahhh koq twitterku gak masuk yaaa

  6. Sip listing twitternya,
    Salam kenal Mas Budi,

  7. banyak sekali ya orang Indonesia yang menggunakan twitter, hidup neter Indnesia

  8. Nambah ya : Tribunnews.com, lebih dari 25 ribu followers

  9. ini dia yg di cari.. great share gan

  10. please keep in mind that only media with than 10,000 followers added to the list

    Shouldn’t this be with more than?

  11. arie

    hi, kalau boleh tau ini sumber datanya dari mana ya? apakah dari hasil pengamatan sendiri atau mengutip dari sumber lain? thanks

  12. lila

    wow, suprise to see liputan6 dont make into the list :)

  13. Bagaimana dgn @jalinmerapi – Jaringan Informasi Lingkar Merapi? Punya lebih dari 20.000 follower dlm hitungan kurang dr sebulan. Kini punya lebih dari 39.000 follower (per Jan 2012). Bukan media arus utama, melainkan jejaring radio komunitas yang menerapkan konvergensi dengan media online.

  14. i love ur post, keep share^^
    mampir balik ke website kami yaa…
    berbagi pada sesama dengan mengunjungi http://hapeduli.hajarabis.com/

  15. Nice share… thanks ya….

    Baju Anak|Tas Wanita|Sepatu Anak|
    Piyama Anak

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