Indonesia’s Kompasiana among top crowd-sourced news gathering sites


Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.18.31 PMInternational journalists’ network listed seven news outlets and projects including Indonesia’s Kompasiana that successfully engaging their communities in news gathering and personal writing.

Owned by Kompas, Indonesia’s largest newspaper, Kompasiana has became the country’s largest citizen media initiative with more than 200,000 contributors (including some big names like celebrities and politicians) and keep counting…

Checkout its full-list:

  • California Watch (now part of its founding organization, the Center for Investigative Reporting): Since its launch in 2009, the organization has been committed to engaging communities and reaching new audiences.
  • CGNet Swara: Former ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow Shubhranshu Choudhary’s mobile news service CGnet Swara (Voice of Chhattisgarh) has transformed how people in remote areas of India receive and share news.
  • The New York Times’ interactive commenting: When the Vatican announced a new Pope, Times readers who went to the paper’s story on the election of Pope Francis were asked to define themselves three ways: Were they happy with the decision or not? Were they surprised by the choice or not? And, were they Catholic or not?
  • Tracking cicadas: WYNC’s data team paired up with the radio program Radiolab to build the Cicada Tracker, a project that used do-it-yourself soil monitors to predict the re-emergence of 17-year cicada swarms.
  • Kompasiana, a “social blog for the community”: Kompas, one of Indonesia’s largest newspapers, has cultivated a committed network of citizen journalists who post news, opinion and even works of fiction online.
  • ProPublica’s ‘Get Involved’: To investigate 2012 political campaign spending in the U.S., the staff of ProPublica, a New York City-based nonprofit news organization that produces investigative journalism in the public interest, asked readers to help “Free the Files.”
  • Storyful and the social web: Since 2010, Dublin-based Storyful has helped news organizations use social media to strengthen newsgathering, reporting and storytelling.

By the way, I myself also write blog posts for Kompasiana, sometimes :-)


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