Indonesia’s expense tracker services: Ngaturduit, Trackpense,


No matter how hard you try, handling a budget is a hassle. If your existing and traditional method to track expenses doesn’t work, you can try another approach instead. Developed by Indonesian developers, these mobile and Web services basically help you to calculate and analyze your expenses and plan your future spending. However these three services can’t syncs with your online banking accounts yet.
Developed by Adhityo Priyambodo and Api Perdana
Tagline Monitor Kondisi Keuangan Anda (Monitor you financial condition)

Launched in January, this service has inked a partnership with, a financial consultant firm owned by renowned consultant Aidil Akbar. It works by asking users to plan their budgets, manage their debts and credits, and plan their financial purposes. All the planning works from these main menus: transactions, debt/credit, investment, budget, account, categories, recapitulations, and bills. All your transaction records will be cross-checked with how much you have in your account.

Ngaturduit has web and mobile version. A screenshot shared to shows its web version, which has graph features. Visualization, of course, make it easier for you to understand your income distribution. You can sign up for free, but they later will provide a paid service especially in tax and financial plan consulting.

Developed by Thomas Arie dan Agtia B.
Tagline Track, manage and learn your expenses

The service was privately launched on 26 February. With English as its default language, TrackPense targets not only Indonesian speaking users. This service asks you to limit your monthly expense. After that, you are asked to record all your transactions. It can be done via mobile or via its web version. When you approach the limit you have set, TrackPense will
alert you of upcoming bills.

You can record as many transactions, each can be accompanied by an image, for example a shot of you shopping bill. They just released new features: A transaction can be reported via email or Twitter’s direct message;  and all transaction records can be converted to .pdf or .xls files. Right now, TrackPense can handle Rupiah, USD, AUD, and SGD.
Developed by Buchin dan Rizky (
Tagline Obat stress keuangan (The cure to financial stress)

Launched on 28 February, this service offers you both free and paid services. With a free account, you are limited to 50 monthly transactions. There are several types of paid account. For 500 transactions, the fee is Rp 5000 per month. You can report 7000 transactions monthly, by paying only Rp 20,000. According to, has gained more than a thousand subscribers in only three weeks promotion on Twitter.

Offering the calendar-based interface, manages expenses by allowing users group their transactions. A single groups is called an envelope, an English translation to Indonesian “amplop”. A user can have each envelope assigned to, for example, bills, education expenses, entertainment expenses, and so on. Each envelope can be further divided to smaller categories.



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