Indonesians crazy about chat


BlackBerry_BBM_photo_by_theJakartaPostIndonesians really love online chatting. No wonder Yahoo! Messenger once widely used here, then Twitter (it’s interesting that Indonesian users mostly use Twitter as a “chat platform”), BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, LINE, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, you name it.

Despite the fact that BlackBerry’s business was declined globally, the recent study showed that BBM still remained the top chat application in the country.

Yeah. BBM is the only reason people still uses BlackBerry smartphones here. Crazy.

Anil Antony, the executive director of consumer insights at Nielsen Indonesia, added that 79 percent of Indonesian smartphone users used BBM for about 23 minutes a day on their devices.

Meanwhile, 57 and 30 percent of smartphone users used WhatsApp and LINE for only six minutes and five minutes a day, respectively. Other chat applications, such as WeChat, Kakao Talk and Facebook Messenger, were only used by between 7 and 28 percent of Indonesian smartphone users.

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