Indonesian voters are crowd-sourcing ballot counts


contoh-surat-suara-pilpres-2014_viva-_663_382With both presidential candidates declaring victory –based on different quick count results— last week, Indonesians started to help monitoring the real vote count, thanks to crowd-sourcing approach and platform.

TechInAsia wrote:

This is a great example of how much technology can play a part in the nation’s future. And how many people are willing to safeguard that by voluntarily counting ballots all the way till the end.

Blogger Priyadi listed five sites that collect scanned C1 forms as follows:

Last Update % Prabowo % Jokowi Margin of Error 2014-07-13 46.10% 53.90% 0.12% 2014-07-13 47.64% 52.36% 0.05% 2014-07-13 46.26% 53.74% 0.04% 2014-07-13 46.36% 53.64% 0.03% 2014-07-13 46.90% 53.10% 0.08%

The official results will be announced by General Elections Commission (KPU) on July 22.

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