Indonesian twitter users break the Jakarta explosions news


Two Indonesian Twitter users, Daniel Tumiwa (@DanielTumiwa) and Andre Siregar (@dregar), broke the Jakarta explosion news this morning. Tumiwa sent a tweet when he is on the scene: “2 boms go off inside Ritz Carlton and Marriott coffee shops! Not kidding. Am here” while Siregar, who was staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel, posted the first picture of the attack (as shown below) through TwitPic.

Nine people have been killed and 50 wounded by high explosive bombs at luxury hotels in an upscale Jakarta business district. According to Indonesian security minister Widodo AS, thirteen foreigners were among injured in the blasts.

Alex Asmasubrata, who was jogging by the hotels, said he first heard a loud explosion at the Marriott and five minutes later, followed by another blast at the Ritz.

The Marriott hotel was attacked in 2003, when 12 died.

(Credit: Dregar)


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