Indonesian Government launches IGOS release 3


The Indonesian Government’s mission of going open source is nearly accomplished. The Government has already launched its latest distro IGOS Nusantara 2006 Release 3 for the country’s users.

IGOS (Indonesia, go open source!) is a national effort to strengthen the national information technology system as well as to exploit the global information technology development through utilization and exploitation of Open Source Software (OSS).

According to the Government, the objectives of the movement are to make OSS as alternative software to users and developers, stimulating developers’ creativity, R&D and industries and improving human resource capability in information technology.

The background is quite clear: OSS is one of the global issues on Information Communication and Technology (ICT), the implementation of intellectual property rights to prevent increasing software piracy and the presence of an information technology gap between developing and advanced countries.

IGOS Nusantara 2006 is one of the latest distros, a shorter for Linux distribution, provided for Indonesian users.

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