Indonesian CNN Hero, Budi Soehardi


CAPTAIN BUDI SOEHARDI is honored by CNN as one of the Top Ten Heroes of 2009. That’s a really big news!

CNN wrote:

Soehardi, a 53-year-old Indonesian pilot living in Singapore, and his wife, Peggy, look after 47 children at the orphanage. They have a personal relationship with each one, and consider them part of their family. The couple named many of the children since they entered the orphanage as babies — some of them tiny victims and refugees from the conflict in East Timor.

As an Indonesian, I’m really proud of him, but at the same time, I am also sad discovering that his remarkable achievement got less media coverage in his country. Fortunately, this good news grabbed impressive exposures and praises from Indonesian online community, thanks to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc!

I’m pretty sure that Mr. Soehardi even doesn’t like the publicity since he is a genuine and noble person, but it’s another matter.

Airing on November 26, 2009 from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, check-out the video below:

Hopefully, I could do something like this in the future…


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