Indonesia language remains popular at US universities


Although some 250 million people speak Bahasa Indonesia, the language’s global importance is still downplayed, according to the Jakarta Post. But it’s nice to know that our national language remains important at top US universities, since they always offer Indonesian language courses to their students.

However, top US universities including the University of California-Berkeley still offer Indonesian language courses, proof that the language is quite influential.

Other universities such as Cornell, Yale, Stanford, University of California-Los Angeles, University of Texas-Austin, University of Colorado-Boulder, Northern Illinois, University of Hawaii -Honolulu, Arizona State University, Ohio University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of Michigan-Ann Harbor also offer Indonesian language courses.

Ninik Lunde, an Indonesian language lecturer at UC Berkeley for the past 15 years, shared her thoughts recently that Indonesian had something strong to offer. “If you speak Indonesian, you can communicate with hundreds of million people in Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia and Brunei,” she said. “For researchers or businesspeople interested in Southeast Asia, the language will help them understand and get along with the people.”

[via The Jakarta Post]


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