Indonesia’s toolkit for the next Nobel Prize winner


How to teach Physics to the kids? An Indonesian IT company has proposed a series of amazing tools for it. The Amazing Software will motivate your kids to learn science in computers and help them discover the joy in learning.

The-so-called Amazing Physics, which was designed and created by a team of PT Pesona Edukasi, has been developed based on a system of chapters and topics as a tool box approach. “There is no specific curriculum orientation approach but we consider the International Curriculum such as GCSE and IB,” stated Hary Sudiyono, team leader and the company’s president director.

Attending an international ICT competition, the software displayed domination in the national event of APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Award) Indonesia last month. It won both the Winner in the Education and Training categories and the Best of the Best among 84 participants from all categories.

Consequently, Amazing Software will represent Indonesia in the APICTA International in Macau this coming November 2-5.
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