Images of internals of iPhone 6S surface on Internet

Images of Internals of iPhone 6S Surface on Internet
Images of Internals of iPhone 6S Surface on Internet

As the date of launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus draw near (there are speculations that Apple is planning to unveil both these phones during its annual keynote conference), more and more images of internals of iPhone 6 are surfacing over internet.

These leaked images back claims made by insiders that the company is working to make substantial changes in the internal design of the phone while leaving the outside of the new iPhone relatively unchanged.

One of these images that have been released on internet is the one carried out by French website, where one can see a single unified flex cable connecting internals of the iPhone 6S. These parts include the rear camera, the volume and power controls, and the LED flash. In comparison, Apple makes use of not one but two separate cables to achieve these connections between internal components. This image reveals the fact that there will be no respite from a protruding ring on the back of the iPhone that is the result of the rear camera. This design feature of iPhone 6 gas been criticized by its owners as it prevents the device from lying flat on its back.

Another feature of iPhone 6 that Apple has not tinkered with is its home button. One can see the same rectangular golden design option that is currently available to the owners of iPhone 6. It is expected that the company will launch both iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus this fall. There are rumors that both these phones will boast better specifications such as a faster A9 processor and an improved 2 GB of RAM. The rear and the front cameras of these devices would be of 12MP and 5MP respectively.


There are rumors doing rounds that Apple might switch to 7000 series aluminum that is believed to be tougher and lighter than aluminum used in the present iPhone 6. Many experts are also expecting Apple to take cue from its rose gold color option of Apple watch and use the same in its new iPhone 6S. However, there has been no announcement to this effect from the company so far. Only time will tell if there are only cosmetic changes in the design  of iPhone 6S or Apple decides to upgrade iPhone6 completely and introduce two totally new versions of iPhone to its loyal fans across the world.

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