I’m Bond. James Bond. And Facebook member!


Do you have a talent to be a spy like James Bond and would like to be recruited someday by M16? All you need first is joining Facebook! W00t?

Yeah, spies are now using Facebook to recruit secret MI6 agents! With a new James Bond movie, Quantum Of Solace, due out next month, applications are likely to go through the roof.

MI6 is using the social networking site Facebook to recruit the next generation of spies. The Secret Intelligence Service, which has traditionally scoured the country’s elite universities for recruits, launched a series of online adverts this month as part of its attempts to attract people from a variety of backgrounds.

It’s the official term and conditions:

  • Graduates of all ages can develop long-term careers as operational officers, collecting and analysing global intelligence.
  • Time for a career change? MI6 can use your skills. Join us as an operational officer collecting and analysing global intelligence to protect the UK.
  • A career in world events? Help influence world events, protect the UK. Operational officer roles collecting and analysing global intelligence.

Ah, yes, after all, who wouldn’t want to have (wait – it’s unofficial!)

  • License to kill
  • Fast car
  • The power to get any member of the opposite sex you desire.

What do you mean it’s not actually like that?

He eh. Hurry up! :-)

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