If a book is just a URL …


This is another experiment on how to read ebooks digitally, offering an access (instead of ownership) to the books. And since a book is just a URL, you can easily lend a book to a friend!

The idea of access versus ownership is coming to the forefront quickly in the book publishing world. Inventive Labs recently launched the beta site for their HTML5 Book.ish ereader. All you need to use Book.ish is a web browser — you sign in and read your books. There’s no software or files to download, just complete no-muss no-fuss access to your books. You don’t own your books in the traditional sense — you own the rights to access them.

[via O’Reily Radar]


  1. Before this Booki.sh thing, we’ve already had Wattpad, an e-book community where undiscovered and published writers can publish and share their works.

    Selamat hari Kamis, pak Budi.

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