How much is your blog worth? $150 million!


Blog would be a worthy property today and in the coming years. If your blogs have your own niche with millions of readers, please be aware, the capital owners will keep eye on you, I promise.

Douglas A. McIntyre wrote about The Twenty-Five Most Valuable Blogs (is it one of them is yours?) and mentioned that The Gawker Properties is worth of $150 million! Others: MacRumors ($85 million), Huffington Post ($70 million), PerezHilton ($48 million) and TechCrunch ($36 million).

Many internet business practitioners started to run their blog networks have one of the exit strategies: selling them or asked the venture capitals to join with. Otherwise, their blogs worth would take their companies values were sky-rocketing and ready to go public (IPO).

Yes, blog is not only a kind of online diary that you handle just in your spare time, but it already shifted to be a serious journal that worth of hundreds thousand million dollar!

It’s a new media, a new business, a new empire where money will go in the coming years.

See full list here.


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