Homegrown 3G tech trial begins


A two-month trial of China’s third generation mobile technology will begin on either Sunday or Monday in Beijing, Shanghai and three other cities in China, Sina.com reported today. TD-SCDMA, time division-synchronous code division multiple access, was developed in China and is one of the world’s three next-generation mobile standards.

Initially, the trial TD-SCDMA network will involve 20,000 users in Shandong Province’s Qingdao City, Hebei Province’s Baoding City and Xiamen City in Fujian Province. They will use new cell phone numbers beginning with 188 or 199 in the trial.

Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co and China International Telecommunications Construction Corp will organize the trial in Beijing, where no more than 5,000 people will participate.

Datang, China’s flagship developer of the country’s 3G network, has signed an agreement with the country’s No. 1 telecom network construction firm.



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