Home sweet home!


Just arrived at the Soekarno Hatta airport safely last night, thanks God — finally I returned back to Jakarta after three days stranded in Frankfurt (well, I have a hotel, instead of waiting and sleeping at the airport…). On Monday afternoon, around 5 pm, the good news has come: Lufthansa will resume flight operations partially, thanks to Twitter. I checked-out the list, and my LH 778 flight listed as one of a few operating flights! Yay!

Frankly speaking, I still didn’t believe it until I got the boarding pass with me at the A55 gate and sitting on the plane. Landed at Changi airport on the next day at 4 pm and waiting there for 45 minutes. The Jakarta flight’s departure has been delayed for 15 minutes since the local authority wanted to check up the jet’s engine — whether the ash clouds affected the engine or not. Yes, the LH 778 is the first flight which took off from the Frankfurt airport after the airport reopened on that evening!

Thanks for the brave pilots, cabin crew and passengers! :-)


  1. Welcome back mas, glad to hear a good news after 3 days waiting for this :-) . Memoirs of journey :-D

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