Here we go: Online magazine Peneroka!


Finally, I launched Peneroka as part of my personal project. Since it’s designed as an online magazine, all writers will write mostly about feature articles like tips & tricks, top lists, review and trivia.

By launching Peneroka, I and Jimmi Kembaren (also a former Yahoos) are trying to do an experiment in term of product and content.

Tech blog Daily Social wrote:

Today, former Yahoo! Indonesia Country Editor Budi Putra and Jimmy Kembaren (also ex-Yahoo) announces their new project, and sure enough it’s a blog. Sort of.

The two partners for their next project where Kembaren handles the product & engineering and Budi handles the content, and believe me when I say that they’re really good at what they do. Their new project is called Peneroka, an Indonesian word for “pioneer”, and they have a good reason to call it “pioneer”. While Peneroka is basically an online magazine with content and all, it’s actually a new way of seeing content and an experiment from the two based on how users consume content on the web.

The philosophy behind this complicated scheme is that Kembaren is convinced that users aren’t looking for content, they want the news handed to them. Give user less options and make it as simple as possible for them to consume the content. The same reason is used by Kembaren to omit the ability for users to find information, no search engine and no archive. If you miss a news, you miss a news.

So, let’s see how it goes…

P.S: Thanks to Ivan Lanin who suggests peneroka for the site’s name/brand, while my wife Elvi Susanti initially suggests peneruka (same meaning though). Check-out Kateglo for the further explanation [in Bahasa Indonesia].



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