Here is my videoblogging site: i-teve


Finally. I just launched my video blogging site.  Called i-teve, it means “Indonesia-TV”,  “Internet-TV” or even “my TV”. All videos presented in Bahasa Indonesia, that’s why we use “Indonesia’s Online TV” as our tag-line.

Yeah, it’s really an online TV — instead of video service/platform provider like YouTube. We just focus on content / video production. And we also welcoming your contributions, too.

As I wrote two weeks ago here:

Since there are plenty video engines offered –whether international or domestic services — now on the market, so I don’t want to make the list any longer. For me, video technology / platform is no longer an issue. Our main challenge is how to create great video contents, adding choices for community who preferred enjoying visual-blogging in expressing their thought, curiousity and creativity.

For the first stage, I myself will use various video platforms for this video podcast activities. And when the timing comes, in the near future, we will be happy to use any domestic video service to deliver our content. Because, yeah, we are not one of video platform service players.

This site, which is its beta version will be launched next week, will consist of two kinds of videos: our video and your video. Yeah, you got it right: you can contribute your video pieces to this site: by simply uploading you video to your favorite service like YouTube, and send us the URL. As long as you own its copyright, or you can disclose its license clearly (had Creative Common license, for example) and deliver unique content about Indonesia, we will happy to feature it.

Thanks to Blip.TV technology, it really helps us focusing on creativity rather than spending much time and energy to develop our own platform. We’ve got a great service for great shows. We leave you free to focus on creativity,” as Blip.TV said in their website – and it’s proven.

To make this happen (yeah, to build our own TV station, but in the cyber-world), I am working together with my friend, Elprisdat, Indonesia’s veteran TV host. He was working as Head of Talkshow Departement in AN-TEVE, one of Indonesia’s private TV station for years. Mostly Elpris will handle politics and business-related talk-show programs, while I will take care of any technology and lifestyle video production.

His expertise in the broadcasting world in one side,  my passion in blogging landscape in another side, hopefully, could be an awesome combination.

Enjoy it. Waiting for your feedbacks. Just tell us.

And forget to contribute your video – by simply sending your video URL here. Welcome to i-teve world!


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