Hell, yeah! No regrets to being a veteran blogger


He gave me his popular book, No Regrets: Reflections of a Presidential Spokesman, last week in his office. The book had been published by Equinox Publishing four years ago.

What a pleasant surprise then to find on the inside page, along with his autograph, that he had written: “To Budi Putra, who made me a blogger. Wimar, 26/9-06.”

Two days before, in his blog, Wimar Witoelar, the man whom I have admired most for the last 10 years, wrote:

Yesterday I got an important revelation from a blog expert, the premier writer on IT lifestyle in the country, Mr Budi Putra. He writes for Tempo magazine and CNET and recites Web concepts as more than terminology. My revelation came when he (and the television show we appeared on, E-Lifestyle @ Metro TV) called me a blogger.”

Check-out my CNET Asia tech post on Wimar Witoelar.


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