Happy 42nd anniversary, Tempo!

Indonesia's Tempo magazine first edition, published on March 6, 1971
Indonesia’s Tempo magazine first edition, published on March 6, 1971

Today, Tempo Media Group, is celebrating their 42nd anniversary.

I joined Tempo as a junior editor for Tempo News Room (Tempo‘s internal ‘news agency’) in March 2002, assigned in Economy/Business Desk at that time. As part of the ‘tour of duty’ within the media group, I was assigned as as journalist and writer for Tempo magazine in the following year –covered and wrote mostly about science, technology and lifestyle.

After a year with the magazine team, Tempo sent me to the daily Koran Tempo editorial team and handling Science & Technology and Digital Desk. In 2006, I was in charge as Content Manager for Tempo online edition, Tempo Interaktif. I quit Tempo in March 2007 for a new venture as a freelancer and ‘full-time’ blogger.

Wikipedia writes about Tempo:

Tempo is an Indonesian weekly magazine that covers news and politics. It was founded by Goenawan Mohamad and Yusril Djalinus and the first edition was published in 6 March 1971.
Under the New Order of President Suharto, Information Minister Harmoko banned the publishing of the Tempo magazine, along with two others, citing them as a threat to national stability. Publication of Tempo resumed following Suharto’s departure from office. In response to the ban, a number of journalists established the Alliance of Independent Journalists (Aliansi Jurnalis Independen).
Tempo has also evolved its internet presence with Tempo Interaktif. Starting from 12 September 2000, Tempo also publishes in English. Tempo then also publishes their daily newspaper called Koran Tempo on April 2, 2001 with a circulation of 100,000 daily.

Thanks Tempo, for everything! I’m really proud as one of your alumni.

[Photo credits: @arifz_tempo]

Goenawan Mohamad, founder of Tempo magazine
Goenawan Mohamad, founder of Tempo magazine


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