Hands on: Motorola Milestone, Motorola DEXT


LAST NIGHT I HAD A CHANCE playing with two wonderful Android handsets: Motorola Milestone (aka DROID) and Motorola DEXT (aka CLIQ), thanks to a friend from Motorola. Milestone is good for business people, while DEXT is a must have device for social networking fans. Both offer touchscreen capability as well as physical keypads. Good thing is that both devices will hit the Asian market soon.

Milestone, which has multitouch capability and a Qwerty slider,  runs on Google’s open-source Android OS 2.0. It packs a large 3.7-inch touchscreen, 5MP camera, microSDHC slot, Wi-Fi and GPS. Milestone also supports Flash-based webpages. It sports a dual-band 3G support for Europe and Asia. And it has smarter messaging, too.

DEXT, the company’s first foray into Android territory, is a QWERTY side slider. It runs the MOTOBLUR (a feature to track tweets, status updates and emails and merge them with your Google account to fill up the phone’s address book), and has a 3.1-inch HVGA screen (capacitive touchscreen), 5MP autofocus camera, 3G and Wi-Fi. Its fully customisable homescreen is awesome.

Full specs from Motorola: Milestone | DEXT
Full specs from Phone Arena: Milestone: | DEXT


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