GSM Royalty?


We know that GSM technology is a sort of open standard technology — just like Linux in computer world. And we consider its competitor, CDMA, as a propietry technology, which always deal with royalty, patent rights or something like that .

That is why, so far, Qualcomm — the owner of CDMA technology — has been portrayed as the bad guy, as it has come under fire for its royalty charges and licensing policies from Nokia, Broadcom and others in anti-trust complaints and patent suits.

But now, Qualcomm was not alone. A GSM guy already joined the club!

Ericsson is getting just as aggressive, suing Samsung over use of essential GSM, GPRS and EDGE patents.

Like the multiple Nokia-Qualcomm disputes, the timing coincides with the run-up to renewal of a licensing agreement, as the technology owners come under increasing pressure from the handset majors to sweeten their terms.



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