Google’s Nexus One Enterprise version to challenge Blackberry?


Indeed, it’s the next logical step for Google to win the smartphone war: eyeing the enterprise market that’s still dominated by RIM’s BlackBerry. But it seems not easy for Google to be the mobile player, since the Internet giant is facing Nexus One customer complaints regarding the device’s poor 3G performance.

Last Friday at CES, Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin has indicated that the next version of the Nexus One “Superphone” will be an enterprise edition for business users. The phone it self will probably have a longer battery life and also a better physical keyboard.

Rubin have been very secretive about this matter though, as he won’t tell us anything about the other details like the release date, what version of Android will it be running, etc. He only said that, The Nexus One is the first in a series, or “program”, which could include some other new devices, including the enterprise edition of the Nexus One.

[via Gajeto, SlashGear]


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