Google shuts down Google Video


Google is shutting down the video service, telling that all Google Video contents will no longer be available for playback later this month. Actually, Google stopped accepting uploads to Google video in May 2009.

Google asked users to move their contents over to YouTube. Users can also download the video –and store it locally– since there is a download button available on the video status page recently.

PCMag writes:

It’s not much of a surprise that Google has opted to wind things down with Google Video, considering Google owns YouTube, which according to comScore’s January figures, is the number one online video content property with 144.1 million unique viewers per month. Google launched Google Video in 2005, and purchased YouTube the following year.


  1. Nice move!
    They should do that, instead having two similar sites, it would be better to focus in one site and make it perfect.

  2. Hi..aku gak komen kok cm ijin pgn ngucapin salam kenal ya..salam dari blogger jogja..buat temen2 yg mbaca ini,salam kenal jg ya..salingberkunjung yuk,klo berkunjung pasti aku buatkan kopi wes,gmn..?ditunggu ya..

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