Google Nexus One for Singapore, Hong Kong residents


It’s a really good news for Asia-based Google gadget fans. Google launced their super hyped phone, the Nexus One, today. The “super phone” is initially available in four countries: the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. [Vodafone will begin selling Nexus One for Europe this spring]. Anyway, here’s the official pricing of international shipping for those outside the U.S:

* Nexus One Phone $529.99 * AC Adaptor $19.99 * Shipping (DHL International) $29.65

Duties and taxes will be payable to the courier on receipt of order:

* Hong Kong:  no VAT or GST! (for Hong Kong users, at least around US$580 or HK$4500 needed to get this device delivered to their home) * Singapore: 7% Goods and Services Tax on the Cost, Insurance & Freight (“Shipping the phone to Singapore, including all tax and shipping costs will sum up to approx 800 S$ at the moment,” according to a local blogger). * United Kingdom: 17.5% VAT on the total cost of order including all shipping costs and insurance.

How to order The Nexus One online

1. Create a Google Checkout Account ( 2. If you already have a Google CheckOut account, make sure your location is setup as “Singapore” or “Hong Kong” –depends on your current location. 3. Go To and click on the big blue (Get your phone) button 4. Select the first option “Nexus One Phone” without any Telco involvement and click “continue” 5. Choose if you want your Nexus One to be engrave or blank and click “continue” or “skip this step” 6. Put in your shipping/billing details /credit card details and ORDER

The following is the overall total cost of ownership of the Nexus One vs. iPhone vs. Droid vs. Palm Pre, thanks to BillShrink website!
Beyond the international shipping scheme (which means online order), another local blogger wrote:

It is expected that StarHub, SingTel and M1 have already signed-up with Google to offer the Nexus One mobile phone in Singapore. The three major Singapore telcos are probably just waiting for one of the telcos to reveal their plans and pricing of the Nexus One on their service so as to grab the maximum initial market share in this 3-4 million potential customer base. SingTel, StarHub and M1 are likely to offer the Nexus One with the same data plans as currently being offered for Apple’s iPhone 3G and 3GS. The Singapore customers are likely to benefit from the huge data plans (12GB depending upon the plan selection).

[via Gajeto, Nexus-One, Angry Angmo | comparison chart from BillShrink]


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