Google Nexus One for Singapore, Hong Kong residents


It’s a really good news for Asia-based Google gadget fans. Google launced their super hyped phone, the Nexus One, today. The “super phone” is initially available in four countries: the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. [Vodafone will begin selling Nexus One for Europe this spring].

Anyway, here’s the official pricing of international shipping for those outside the U.S:

  • Nexus One Phone $529.99
  • AC Adaptor $19.99
  • Shipping (DHL International) $29.65

Duties and taxes will be payable to the courier on receipt of order:

  • Hong Kong:  no VAT or GST!
  • Singapore: 7% Goods and Services Tax on the Cost, Insurance & Freight
  • United Kingdom: 17.5% VAT on the total cost of order including all shipping costs and insurance.

In total, for Hong Kong users, at least around US$580 or HK$4500 needed to get this device delivered to their home.

[via Gajeto, Nexus-One]




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