Free Ibu Prita!


The story about Prita Mulyasari, a housewife who has been detained for defamation allegations after complaining over the Internet about a hospital treatment, has created a buzz through blogs and social networking sites. The nursing mother of a newborn baby and 3-years old son has spent three weeks at Tangerang Women Penintentiary.

More than 24,000 people have joined the Facebook cause titled Dukungan bagi Ibu Prita Mulyasari, Penulis Surat Keluhan Melalui Internety yang Ditahan.

Prita wrote:

Don’t let my case happened to other lives. Especially childrens, elders and babies. Whenever you’re taking a treatment, becareful of the hospital’s luxury and “international” title, because the more luxurious the hospital is, and the smarter the doctors are, the more frequent the patients tests, drug sales, and injections.

I’m not saying that all international hospital are like that but I had to face this case at Omni International Hospital. Exactly on August 7th 2008 at 20.30 pm. With high fever, I came to the Omni International believeing that that hospital had an international standard, with of couse a good medical talent and management.

I was asked to go to the ER dan got my body temperature checked, and the result was 39(C) degrees. And then after the blood test, my thrombosit level is 27.000, which the normal level is 200.000. I was informed and handled by dr. Indah (general) and declared that I’m obliged to be admitted. Dr. I did the lab test recheck with my blood sample and the result was still the same, which is thrombosit 27.000.

Check-out the complete translation of original Prita’s letter (Thanks to Ryan Koesuma for the translation): (Facebook login required).

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UPDATE (June 4): Ibu Prita released! Public pressure has reduced her detention to house arrest. The Jakarta Post wrote: Prita Mulyasari was released Wednesday, pending her libel trial to be held Thursday, with one presidential candidate already weighing in on the public outcry the case has raised. “… was a result of the support showed by journalists, bloggers and the National Commission on Human Rights…,” said Carolina Siswopratiwi, Prita’s sister. Although Prita was released, she would not be allowed to leave the city.


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