Fortune: Apple wins World’s Most Admired Company Award


Again, –yeah, it’s third year in a row winning the award– Apple has won  2010 “World’s Most Admired Company” award. Fortune Magazine polled 4200, company directors, corporate executives and industry analysts to get this winner. Congrats, Steve!
In Fortune’s words:

“With 250 million iPods, 43 million iPhones, and 32 million iPod touches sold to date, plus the promise of a game-changing iPad, Apple won this year’s vote by the highest margin ever for a No. 1. Two more years as champ and Apple will match GE for most appearances in the top spot.

What makes Apple so admired? Product, product, product. This is the company that changed the way we do everything from buy music to design products to engage with the world around us. Its track record for innovation and fierce consumer loyalty translates into tremendous respect across business’ highest ranks.

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  1. well he did create an iphone that become standard phone worldwide and many other company imitate what he does. so well he deserved it then. :-)

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