Forrester: Consumers won?t rush to Vista


While businesses aren’t expected to hurry to upgrade to Windows Vista now, a report by Forrester Research Inc. suggests consumers won’t stampede to purchase the new operating system either.

Customer households will adopt Vista much in the same way that they adopted Windows XP, said Forrester analyst Ted Schadler. That’s contrary to projections Microsoft has made that Vista will be adopted two times faster than any other Windows client operating system.

“Call us cautious, but we believe that most consumers will trod the path they’ve been on for years: They buy computers when the old ones break, when the prices come down far enough or when a lifestyle event triggers the purchase,” he wrote in the report. “And that means the best predictor of Windows Vista adoption is Windows XP.”

Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie affirmed that the company’s new Vista operating system is on target to ship to businesses by the end of November and to consumers by the end of January.

Speaking at the Web 2.0 conference here, Ozzie said a major goal with Vista is to create a secure computing environment for people using the Internet and installing software and online content on their machines.

Source: Computer World, Market Watch


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