Finally, PayPal available in Indonesia


Good news hit Indonesia’s cyberspace and blogosphere recently. PayPal is now available in Indonesia! This is a really good news for Indonesians to use this service for their online payment solution.

Prior to this announcement, Indonesian users could not apply for a PayPal account. My fellow countrymen, especially those living here, were previously unable to send and receive payment through the PayPal service. Of course, this wasn’t good since I could not even contribute online donations which require a PayPal account.

I don’t know what exactly happened with regard to PayPal’s policy, but it could most probably be spurred on by increasing cyberfraud in Indonesia.

But now things seem better, with PayPal’s decision to put Indonesia on its latest approved list. PayPal has announced that residents in 48 countries can now use PayPal in their local markets to send money online. The new markets include Indonesia, the Philippines (as my colleague Joey Alarilla already blogged about here), Croatia, Fiji, Vietnam and Jordan.

Check-out my CNET Asia tech post on PayPal in Indonesia.


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