Finally, my Posterous site is up!


Got noticed this morning that Posterous site is down due to a denial of service (DoS) attack, then got an email from Posterous telling some instructions since I am one of Posterous’ custom domain users. Then I tried to follow the instructions –it works well! My is back! Thanks Posterous, good job!

We’re contacting you because you are using a custom domain for your Posterous site which means your site remains under attack and may still be inaccessible.

If your site uses a custom domain and is still down, please accept our most sincere apology. There are two options for you at this point:

1. Do nothing. At some point, the DoS attack will cease, and we will again be responding to our primary address. This could be several minutes from now, several hours, or several days. There’s no way of knowing, but your site will automatically start working properly as soon as the attack is over.

2. Change your domain to point to our new address. We have set up a new address that is not being attacked and can successfully accept traffic. If you want to point your server to this address, you may do so, and we’ll allow traffic on both addresses for the forseeable future. To change servers, follow the following instructions, substituting our old address with our new address:


  • Log into your DNS host, which is usually your registrar (the company you purchased your domain from)
  • Look for how to edit your domain’s DNS (this varies from registrar to registrar)
  • You’ll see an A record for our old address ( for your main domain (sometimes called @)
  • Remove and replace it with
  • Save your settings and wait (it could take anywhere for a couple minutes to a couple hours for the changes to kick in)


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