Facebooking every day!


Not all Internet services could force me to log-in into their applications almost every day except Facebook.

This damn service also forced me to keep connected even in my BlackBerry!

Due to my unlimitted data plan for the powerful device, it means that I always be connected to the Facebook 24 hours a day!

Now, Facebook added another new feature to keep me (OMG) more addicted to: Facebook Chat!

Its blogger said:

This week marks the launch of Facebook Chat—a new way for you to communicate with your friends in real-time. The Wall and Inbox have been the primary ways to communicate, but when more immediacy is necessary—for example when making plans for lunch in half an hour or arguing over a foul call in the NCAA tournament—they might not be enough. Chat aims to fill this gap.

Enough is enough, Mark. Hahahaha. Two thumbs up for all of your team!

All images taken from the Facebook blog.


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