Facebook email? No, thanks!


When it comes to the online activity, the following is my daily habit in the morning: checking my emails, Twitter and blog’s Dashboard.

Frankly speaking, even having two email accounts are too many for me. But those [Yahoo! Mail and Gmail] really help in term of personal email management. I am using Yahoo! Mail for all services’ subscriptions and Gmail for self-hosted domain name’s mail. I even often Twitter’s private messages (called DM) to ping some friends.

Getting notice recently that Facebook is now planning to launch its own webmail service, I am a bit surprised. Do we need a new [web-based] email?

Oh wait. Might be Facebook is not targeting user like me. If Facebook is eyeing common users, instead of a user like me, so it does make sense. Why? Because Facebook is becoming less relevant for me. I refuse to even use Facebook for message things.


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