Facebook declined in Asia?


Amid the fast growing of Facebook in Asia Pacific lately, blogger Jeremy Wagstaff discovered that its membership in the region tends to decline.

Membership of Facebook in developed Asia Pacific territories declined for the first time in a year in September, suggesting, possibly, that interest in the social networking site in the region has peaked. The figures may also reveal insights on whether, in developing countries, a social networking site can break out of their middle class enclaves.

Facebook populations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong all fell during the month, while those in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines all either grew only marginally or shrank somewhat. Hong Kong dropped by the largest margin—5.7%—while Thailand, alone among the countries under study, grew by more or less the same amount.

Looks like Facebook should offer a kind of interesting “gimmick” or new killer feature in order to make their users stay longer; and keep inviting and engaging their friends through this service. In my case, frankly speaking, I still couldn’t find any factor which keeps me returning to Facebook regularly.  How about you?


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