Evolution of mobile Technology


mobile_shutterstock_130782974Over the last 40 years, the mobile phone industry has grown to limitless lengths. With the daily development and manufacture of high end features and designs, mobile phones are have gone from heavy bulky devices, to slim and sleek gadgets packed with the latest features and tools.

History of mobile phones

In the year 1983, Motorola was the first company that brought out a mobile gadget in the United States of America. It was extremely bulky and expensive as well and was well suited for older age people. They were not portable devices and consisted of heavy batteries and resembled a walkie-talkie.

Although in the year 1987, 1-G mobile phones were introduced but it wasn’t all that comfortable to use either. The battery life was very weak and the phone was still of a large size. These phones were used only for making phone calls and sending text messages. Even this had a certain limit depending on the mobile phone. One could make calls to the sky phone number with the help of the speed dial function.

The dawn of the Nineties

In the beginning of the nineties, mobile phone companies introduced light weight, cheaper and smaller mobiles with 2-G technology. There were new designs like flip top, bar phones without any antennae and sliding phone. There were 2 brands that made it through, that were Nokia and Sony Ericsson. These two brands came up with some additional features that enhanced mobile phone usage at that time. Features like:

· —Caller identification

· —Images

· —Ringtones

· —Videos

—And in the late nineties, colored screens and colorful designed bodies were introduced.

The twentieth century Mobiles

In the twentieth century, with the mobile technology improved and enhanced, smart phones were completely transformed into gadgets that can just about do anything.

· —-In the year 2000 the first ever touch screen phone was introduced.

· —-In 2001, monochromatic displays were introduced along with better looking gadgets

· —-In 2002, colored displays were introduced along with the first ever camera mobile gadget.

· —-In 2003 and 2004, dual screen mobiles were bought into the market, with numerous additional features.

· —-Between 2005 and 2007, mobiles took a huge turn and introduced gadgets that came with music playback, namely Walkman phones from Sony. With more stylish and sleek designs, LG and Apple introduced phones that were advanced and had a much better operating system.

· —-Between 2008 and 2010, side slide phones with QWERTY keypads and much larger screens were brought into the market. 2009 introduced the Android operating system, 2010 brought about back flip phones with 2 screens.

· —-In the years 2011 and 2012, mobile phone technology grew rapidly, with the numerous different brands bringing about their own versions of android and Windows phones. With sleeker looks, larger screens and high end cameras choosing a mobile phone for you wasn’t an easy task anymore.

The introduction of 3-G technology

In the new century, the number of mobile phone users was increasing rapidly. With this, mobile brands introduced 3-G technology, which consisted of internet navigation and streaming through Wi-Fi as well as packet data along with the already present features. 3-G technology also included

· —-Video calling features

· —-Voice messaging

· —-GPS

· —-Geo tagging

· —-High end applications

Phones like the Moto Razor and Blackberry were introduced which included 3-G technology and higher data speed. Later Apple, LG, Samsung, O2 and many other companies brought about many kinds of smart phones with 3-G compatibility.

The future of Mobile technology

The newly introduced smart phones have definitely surprised us in every way possible with its high end features and technology. With this industry rapidly growing every day, new materials, larger screens, improved features and high end cameras would definitely be introduced further. Mobile phones are no longer just devices that are used for calling and messaging, but consist of technology that you would never have imagined.

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