Ecosia:The search engine that plants trees

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Have you heard about, the search engine that plants trees? The ‘world’s greenest search engine’ donates a whopping 80% of their profits from search ad revenue to tree planting. So, planting trees was as easy as searching the web.

This new and unique search engine is based on technology from Microsoft Bing and provides the search results as well as sponsored links for the site.

According to Christian Kroll, founder of the Berlin-based firm, Ecosia believes that there is a more eco-friendly way of using these huge profits and that the money should better be used to fight global warming.

Since September 2014, they are supporting WeForest’s tree planting program in Burkina Faso.

“We’ve already managed to donate $5 Million for the environment and today we celebrate 3 million planted trees!” said Jacey Bingler from Ecosia.

“Together, those trees would cover a third of Paris. Imagine Obama, Merkel, and Hollande meeting in the woods at COP21.”

With this approach, a search engine already financed three million trees since December 2009. Amazing. Let’s spread the words! And you can start donate and plan a tree by searching through this:

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