Do we still need desktop PCs?


desktop PCOver the past decade there’s been a marked move in the tech world to build devices that are smaller in size, yet are able to handle a massive range of tasks. From the latest gaming-friendly smartphones, to the impressive developments in the wearables market, it’s clear that smaller gadgets are the ones that are capable of dominating the headlines.

So where does that leave the humble desktop PC? Despite some innovative reinventions of the laptop, it’s a sad fact that PC sales have fallen to their lowest level in a decade. But before you throw out your desktop computer, here are a few ways that PCs have stayed relevant.

Gaming supremacy


PC gaming is one of the major things keeping desktop computers alive, as there’s little in the way of compromise to be made when playing graphics and processor-heavy games. Furthermore the ability to customize a PC’s set-up for optimal gaming performance has meant that this is an area that won’t be dying anytime soon.

But despite the resilience of PC gaming, it’s evident that the mobile gaming boom is here to stay with inventive multiplayer games like gaining an impressive amount of publicity. And the mobile casino craze looks to continue with brands such as Lucky Nugget Casino offering the chance to join in anywhere from your mobile by using the smartphone-friendly website when playing games of slots, roulette and online pokies.

Media production


For anyone who is serious about creating good media content, desktop PCs are still the way forward. Whether it’s manipulating images in Adobe Illustrator, creating movies in Final Cut or making music in Pro Tools, there’s little chance that apps will be able to catch up to the incredible creative possibilities offered by these iconic pieces of software.

However, there are signs that mobile innovation is making some surprising advances with many devices and apps allowing for a greater ability to edit on the go. And with the latest Lenovo tablet being able to project images with an impressive amount of detail, it looks like the race for advanced media production is beginning to heat up.

Other factors


Comfort is another big part of the desktop PC’s longevity as they limit the potential for the user developing eye strain or repetitive strain injury.

And there’s also the ability to pack a desktop PC with a large amount of ports that can facilitate a massive amount of tasks from adding an extra screen for productivity, or even installing more advanced speakers for a more immersive online casino experience.

So despite the surprising rise of mobile gaming, it looks like our desktop PCs are here to stay!



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