Digital piracy hits the e-book industry


When Dan Brown’s blockbuster novel “The Lost Symbol” hit stores in September, it may have offered a peek at the future of bookselling.

On, the book sold more digital copies for the Kindle e-reader in its first few days than hardback editions. This was seen as something of a paradigm shift in the publishing industry, but it also may have come at a cost.

Less than 24 hours after its release, pirated digital copies of the novel were found on file-sharing sites such as Rapidshare and BitTorrent. Within days, it had been downloaded for free more than 100,000 times.

Yeah, it’s the matter of time, piracy will hit the e-book industry. I think, to some extent, we can consider the pirated digital copies as part of “social” and “marketing” costs, but it would be a big problem if its numbers get bigger and bigger.

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