Different types of web hosting packages


web_hosting_shutterstock_130674857If you are an Internet newbie who wants to start their own site then one of the first things you need to know is about web hosting. Most people think that web hosting and domain hosting is the same but they aren’t. Domain hosting simply refers to purchasing a custom URL for your site. You know your site name eg: thisisthebestsitename.com. It is still not complete at that time and still needs storage room of some kind. This is where web hosting comes in. Web-hosting refers to storing your website files on a separate and dedicated web server. Now that you know the meaning of web hosting, next thing you need to know are the types of web hosting available around. Let us list them out.

  1. Free Blog Web Hosting – first type of hosting is the free one. Now many people choose to host their blogs on free hosting platforms such as Blogger to save on web hosting prices. But while Google and search engines love them, the fact remains that everything that is free is limited. With this type you can’t create sub domains eg. subdomain.domain.com, you can’t create a forum or any type of advance social interaction (which are very important nowadays), there’s no customer service you can count on, you don’t have or is limited to a few custom email addresses, you can’t upload anything beyond images and videos that can be added into your post and worse, there is usually a limit of 1GB to images and videos, they can take your site out anytime they want to etc etc etc the list goes on and on. These things that can’t be found in free web hosting services separates plain bloggers from a successful website owner; the beginners from the webmasters. So if you have big plans for your site, do not be hesitant to spend money on proper web hosting providers
  2. Shared Web Hosting – is the type of hosting where many domain names reside on a single server. This type of package is generally the most economical option for hosting as many people share the overall cost and can range from a couple of hundreds to ten thousands website sharing the server. Beware though because these kinds of web hosting have a limited hard disk space and bandwidth so it is just for the less demanding websites. Even with that, I can strongly recommend this type to everyone as it can even if it is limited; it is enough to do whatever you want to kick start your website.
  3. Virtual Private Server Hosting – is also like the shared web hosting package but you have more control on the server and you share the server will lesser websites. This process in turn can dedicate an individual Internet Protocol or IP address to each website. It is the most recommended web hosting package nowadays as you can do a lot with it but it is still affordable.
  4. Reseller Web Hosting – is when a person purchases a wholesale server and then sells them to customers in the form of a shared web hosting type.
  5. Dedicated Web Hosting – this type of web hosting package is the most expensive of them all as the hosting handles only one website per server and you need to do all the maintenance needed. You have unlimited power and you are sure that your websites will load really fast. This package is only advisable for really demanding websites such as huge e-commerce sites or customer management sites that usually host a lot of data and fast loading time.
  6. Co-location Web Hosting Service – is like having a dedicated web hosting but the difference is that the owner doesn’t have the server. They would rent a spot rack location for the server to sit. The co-location provider will not provide any support to the client’s machine. They just provide the electricity, internet access and storage facilities. So you still need to hire someone to visit the center and check your servers from time to time.
  7. Clustered hosting – is the grand daddy of them all and has multi servers for one site only. It is only best for monster sites such as Gogle, Yahoo, Facebook etc. To manage this type of hosting, you will need a whole IT department and In house servers.
  8. Cloud hosting – is the newest type of hosting platform available around. It is powerful and reliable and seldom encounter down time as  cloud hosting is decentralized meaning other computers in the cloud can be the backup when a single computer breaks down.

Now these are the type of web hosting services there is. Read the article carefully again and decide what type will best fit your needs. Only then that you should search the internet for the best web hosting providers and make sure that you only buy in trusted web hosting sites.

Author: Marie Felipe is an online writer for more than 6 years now. She loves to share her ideas about technology and obviously computers are her life. She is currently promoting the right way on how people can choose the best web hosting providers (webhostingbillboarders.com) around.



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