Culmination Celebration in Bonjol


Culmination is an unique natural event which is happen in equator line. One of the places in which we can see is Bonjol, in Equator Bonjol Park exactly, in Pasaman regency, West Sumatra. This event happens twice a year only, on 21st March and 23rd September.

At that time, the sun’s position in vertical line, which is the earth in the equator one, where the shadow of things are invisible. This phenomenon which becomes an interesting point that makes tourists want to see it, while crossing equator line which differentiate the north the south part of the earth. People believe that by seeing this event will make them young.

For tourists who wants to see this natural event while enjoying a various local products exhibition and traditional art performance that shows some activities such as Seni Lukah Gilo, Debus, and Ronggeng as well that present the skill of player by sleeping on “duri Salak”, and so on.

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