CNN buying Mashable? A timeline of blog acquisitions


Reuters reporting CNN will pay $200 million for Mashable, a social media weblog with 50+ million monthly pageviews. The Reuters’ source says an announcement is expected for Tuesday.

The CNN deal was make sense. First,  Mashable’s content already appears on CNN’s digital properties from sometimes ago. Second, Mashable’s founder Pete Cashmore is one of regular resource persons for CNN’s tech coverage. So, it’s a good fit.

From another perspective, CNN simply wants to buy Mashable’s market share, since the cable TV is still struggling to build up their digital entity and community.

But the price tag — if this rumor is true — is amazing. Personally, I want to see this deal is true. Good move, CNN!

A timeline of blog acquisitions

2005 – AOL bought pioneering Blog Networ Weblogs, Inc. for around $25 million
2006 – Conde Nast’s Wired Digital bought online news aggregator for an undisclosed sum.
2007 – Discovery Communications bought TreeHugger (Founder Graham Hill) for $10M.
2007 – bought social news site Newsvine in an undisclosed, all-cash deal ($15 million)
2008 – BankRate bought Bankaholic (Founder: Johns Wu; Topic: Bank Deposit Rates) for up to $15 Million.
2008 – Cablevision bought New York-based Local blog Network Gothamist for $5M-$6M.
2008 – Nick Denton of Gawker sold the Consumerist blog to nonprofit Consumers Union. Denton also sold music blog Idolator to Buzznet and travel blog Gridskipper to the Curbed network.
2008 – The Guardian bought Digital media news site Paidcontent (Founder: Rafat Ali) for $30 million.
2009 – bought local news aggregator site Everyblock (Founder: Adrian holovaty)
2010 – The New York Times bought Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight Blog (Topic: polls)
2010 – AOL bought Michael Arrington’s Silicon Valley tech news blog Techcrunch for a reported $35 million price.
2011 – AOL acquires Huffington Post for a US$315 (Founder: Arianna Huffington)
2011 – Disney acquires “sophisticated” mommy blog platforms Babble Media.
2012 – GigaOM bought paidContent in February
2012 – Reuters blogger Felix Salmon recently has learned that CNN will buy Mashable for more than $200 million.

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  1. itulah kuasa media-media besar. Harapan juga bagi blogger pro karena bisa jadi blog yang ia bangun bisa bikin ia kaya..

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