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It’s nice to see there are many interesting e-commerce, forum, directory, applications, social network,  aggregator and Web services nowadays from Indonesia. On this ocassion, let me discuss a bit about some social networking services as listed in StartupLokal site. I picked them semi-randomly [since I prefer to highlight different topics/services in this area].

Here we go:

A location based social network game – explore your world, flag it and
share it to your friends
Sigit Purnomo, Den 15June, Reisha Juniar

This is a location based social networking service which aims to get users to share informations about locations: venues, events, ads, and other users. It works from mobile and web. Launched on July 2010, this service lacked some basic needed features which, fortunately, were then adopted on their April 2011 update.

Via the mobile app (currently Symbian-based phones only), users can flag locations, publish trips, and see other users nearby. In order to do these tasks, GPS is needed. Without GPS, users can publish statuses, publish routes, and view maps.

From PersonaFlag’s web, users can publish statuses by manually picking existing venues, comment on friends’ statuses, view position on Google Maps, view published routes, view nearby location information, and other users. Messaging and friend requests can also be done from the web.

A simple way to find great food using your smartphone
Ronald Ishak, Deche Pangestu

“A new location based food hunting game that will lead you to the best local dishes nearby! Play with your friends, earn points, discover new dishes and share with the world!”

That’s what they say on their site, which describes what the app is. This April, the mobile apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android are promised to being released. Other than the picture on, there is not much to see on the web, yet.

Just joined Tasterous’ board of directors last month were Urbanesia’s Selina Limman and Kaskus’ Ken Lawadinata. If names can promise something, maybe this service’s launch is worth waiting for.

Tampilan kehidupan Kampus Ganesha ITB
Hendi Wahyu (domain owner), ITB team (beta) is a web forum for students of Bandung Institute of Technology and its alumni, and also with school students who dream to be selected as ITB college students.

Users can post articles which can be labeled in order to easy archiving and searching for other users. These articles can be commented directly on the web, and also can be shared to Facebook and Twitter. Users can add each other as friends. Their profile page can be labeled, for example, in accordance to their high school alma maters or their majors in ITB.

This forum does not look like the “usual forum”. The user interface is more blog-like, where the article and comments are easily spotted. The web, as stated on their page, also function as a promotion media of ITB to high school students, and to prevent the cases of “wrong majorship” that often end with dropping out of students. But not only that, on you can peek the fun sides of ITB!

A Social Network for Sport and Fitness Enthusiast
Denny Santoso

This is a social network for fitness and sport enthusiasts. Here, users can make friends and motivate each other. Fitness progress can also be tracked and shared. You can upload your photos, videos, and information about your activities.

Just imagine sharing your pictures of your “before” and “after” your fitness program. The transformation may inspire others to live a healthy life.

But sixreps is not only for sharing. You can keep track of your activity and diet to achieve your fitness goals. From Goal Management menu, users can manage their fat loss program, muscle building, general health and others. There are also training log, food journal, and detailed report to monitor what you’ve been doing.

Location function is useful when users need to find nearest gym and fitness related stores nearby. They can also locate nearest friends and even nearest personal trainers.

Pelopor situs komik Indonesia online
Oray Studios

A portfolio site for Indonesian comic makers and story writers. Komikoo gives them space to share their creations. Not only submitted materials are rated by the readers, there are also comics and stories of admin’s choice.

Users can browse the comics and stories by genre, chronologically, or alphabetically. Komikoo has reward system called komipoint. By doing activities on Komikoo, users get their points: signing up, uploading materials, commenting, and some more actions.

Reading online comics is a start. Komikoo has printed and sell “Curhat Si Koel”, a comis previously shared on the site.

The Urban Mama
There is always a different story in every parenting style
Ninit Yunita, Thalia Kamarga, Shinta Lestari

One stop parenthood portal. A place for mamas (and papas) to share experiences on raising their children. Content wise, the site is based on stories told by its members. You can browse articles about pregnancy, babies and toddlers in various age ranges, and also stories abot children, moms and dads.

Aside from sharing stories (which is usually done by urban moms anywhere, anytime), the site also has a forum to accomodate ‘real time’ discussions.

Smart Team Work Anytime, Anywhere
PT Idea Lounge Indonesia

This network is created especially for you who work in team where collaboration must be done effectively and efficiently.  Mantel has a fun looking user interface. It won’t remind you to your office jobs.

A “Mantel” (mantle) is a system created to support such collaboration. You can communicate safely with team members, utilize calendar for events and deadlines, give tasks, manage projects, save documents related to projects, or even discuss the documents.

Mantel works via six features:

  1. Conversation: real time information exchange with team members
  2. Messaging: safe internal communications, also with archiving
  3. File sharing: upload your documents to be viewed and edited by other team members
  4. Group: synch meeting and training schedules, deadlines, to your children baptism by using Mantel calendar
  5. Delegation/Task: manage and distribute tasks
  6. Project: track every aspects and scopes of all your projects

Have you guys tried these services out? How is it? Leave your comments below!


  1. Did you try I think this is an unique & fun social network site. even you can record your voices here.

  2. Ada juga social network buatan anak Indonesia namanya Bloqita Network (, bahkan bukan hanya sebagai social network, tetapi juga sebagai blog portal, sehingga dapat juga untuk membuat situs/blog gratis.

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