Chat with a rising star in Indonesia’s telco


He is really a nice and humble guy. I recently met him in his office in Wisma Bakrie Building, Kuningan, Jakarta. Wearing a white shirt and a tiny, rounded glasses, he looks like a fresh university graduate rather than a high-profile businessman.

He is also a good mate to discuss with. He listens to the questions asked him carefully, thinks first, then answers it clearly.

Anindya Bakrie, who is president director of Bakrie Telecom, a CDMA provider, pointed out that investors looking for opportunities in Indonesia’s fast-growing cellular sector need to change their mindsets when reviewing the country’s listed telcos “because the rules of the game are about to change drastically”, he said.

That is why his company, which has just launched its initial public offering (IPO) in the beginning of this year, is confident of taking on the big boys of the industry such as PT Telekom and Indosat which dominate the market.

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