Can a Master’s Degree help you get ahead in your career?


master degreeWhilst plenty of students leave higher education once they complete their degree course, many more elect to delay their entry into the world of business and embark on a master’s degree instead.

Continuing to study, on a Master of Arts in Kinesiology or similar, is expensive, both in terms of fees and time. You may at this point be wondering whether the extra expense is worth it. Therefore, to help you decide whether your career will actually benefit if you decide to pursue a master’s degree in your chosen field, here are a few points to consider.

Open More Doors

With a master’s degree under your belt, you will be able to access job opportunities that would otherwise have been denied to you. Some career paths require a master’s degree, but even if your chosen career does not specifically require a master’s degree, doors will open where previously they remained firmly closed.

This is especially true if you decide to pursue a master’s degree in a different field. Say, for example, your first degree is in Art History. If you subsequently go on to earn a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from a well-respected university, you will stand a far better chance of achieving success in the corporate world.

Higher Earnings Potential

People with master’s degrees can normally command higher salaries, as a reflection of the time and effort it takes to earn an advanced degree. The difference in pay between an undergraduate qualification and a master’s degree will depend on your individual career path, so research this before you enroll on a course.

Great Networking Opportunities

Specializing in a specific field, which is what you do when you work towards a master’s degree qualification, will enable you to build an excellent network of contacts. The networking opportunities afforded by postgraduate study will enhance your career prospects, although you will need to be proactive in getting your name out there. In years to come, the contacts you make could end up acting as referees when you go for a job, or if you need to hire good people in the future, add them to your list.

Studying for an online degree is a bit harder in this respect because there is less of an opportunity to build relationships when you don’t see your peers every day. However, it can be done, so make sure you devote some time getting to know your peers in the virtual world.

Gain Mentors

Tutors at master’s level typically teach part-time as they combine their teaching with jobs in industry. This is a valuable opportunity to gain experienced mentors, who can advise you on your career path. As your career develops, their input could give you a major advantage over your less qualified peers.

There may be a large price tag attached to a master’s degree program, but there are also many benefits. You don’t even need to attend college and study full-time, as there plenty of online study opportunities for students who want to continue working in their current day-to-day position. [image source]



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