BudiPutra.com’s top posts of 2010


It’s always a great experience to learn this blog’s statistic: discovered most popular posts, most commented posts, most linked posts, etc. I really need this kind of feedbacks to provide better blogposts in the future. Thanks, my lovely readers!

The following is my popular posts this year:

January: President Obama sends his own Tweet. Finally!

While on a visit to the Red Cross mission control center for Haiti, President Obama finally pushed “enter” on a tweet using The Red Cross Twitter account.

February: Why I switched from WordPress to Posterous?

My answer will be much more like a practical issue rather than a technical issue. Posterous really makes my blogging activity easier: updating post, uploading pictures or even commenting can be done just via e-mail.

March: News portals are top online news sources

A recent study found that people prefer news portals —like Yahoo News, Google News, AOL — as their main online news sources rather than the online edition of major news outlets like CNN, CBS, and the New York Times.

April: Blogging has changed my life

“What does blogging mean for you?” That’s one of questions many people (even journalists) frequently asked me. For me, blogging means a lot. I will tell you why.

May: Jakarta, Asia’s next Silicon Valley?

TechCrunch’s piece  on how Indonesians’ startups companies keep struggling and growing.

June: Apple Nation: Why everyone wants to be like Steve Jobs

I’m not an Apple user, but I am a big fan of Steve Jobs, the man behind the world’s coolest company. Like others, I always impressed by what he did and contributed to the tech world.

JulyNokia’s last attempt?

Yeah, I am a long-time Nokia fan. Since the beginning of 2000, as a tech journalist (then blogger), I witnessed how all Nokia portfolios rolled-out here in Indonesia.

August: Viikii.net: a Youtube of translated videos

A friend of mine pointed out a cool site recently: Viikii.net –a sharing translation and subtitling platform for streaming video.

SeptemberFather of Internet encourages developers to create web apps

Father of Internet Tim Berners-Lee speaks at Nokia World 2010 in London, encouraging developers to make web apps now (rather than native apps), so they work with all types of devices now and in the future.

October: Time is flying. Today is my first anniversary at Yahoo!

October 1st 2009 is one of my milestones. That’s the day I started working at Yahoo! as Country Editor for Indonesia.

November: Indonesia’s most followed media on Twitter

Since Twitter took over the media “role”, the large media organizations see this as an opportunity to reach and engage their readers online.

December: Find all Wikileaks mirror sites here!

The troubles continue for Wikileaks. After Amazon Web Services terminated Wikileaks website’s hosting, EveryDNS.net, DNS services provider for wikileaks.org domain, just terminated the DNS.


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