BREAKING: Prita Mulyasari cleared of all charges


Prita Mulyasari has been cleared of criminal defamation charges by Tangerang District Court on Tuesday in the case brought against her by doctors from Omni Hospital.

The judge, Arthur Harnewa, delivered the verdict and said that Prita’s good name would now be restored. All charges against her have now been dropped.

Currently pregnant with her third child, Prita was accused of defaming the upscale hospital in Tangerang through an e-mail she sent to 20 of her friends.

The criminal case was brought against her by two doctors working at Omni, while the hospital sued her in a separate civil case.

Her case sparked public outrage after she was detained for three weeks ahead of her criminal trial and the court fined her Rp 312 million ($33,000) in the civil case.

All charges against Prita Mulyasari, a mother of two, finally has been cleared by Tangerang District Court this morning. Finally the justice won, thanks God.


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