Blogomania grips Asia, says Microsoft


A survey of 25,000 MSN portal visitors across seven Asian markets – Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand – found that almost half of those online in Asia have a blog, and 40 percent of these bloggers are blogging for more than three hours a week.

According to the report, the region’s bloggers are primarily driven by the need to express themselves and share their lives with family and friends.

  • Nearly half of those online in Asia have a blog
  • 74% find blogs by friends and family to be most interesting
  • Young people and women dominate (except India where it is overwhelmingly a male domain and Korea where blogging is a part of everyday life for all)
  • 50% believe blog content to be as trustworthy as traditional media
  • 41% spend more than three hours a week blogging
  • More than 40% have less than 10 visitors per week



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