Blogging has changed my life


“What does blogging mean for you?” That’s one of questions many people (even journalists) frequently asked me. For me, blogging means a lot. I will tell you why.

I left Tempo Daily on March 1, 2007, and started to be a full-time blogger: write tech posts for some established sites and blogs like CNET, SlashPhone and PhoneMag; and then run a Jakarta-based Asia Blogging Network. Two years and half later, I joined an Internet giant company, Yahoo!.  As Country Editor for Yahoo! Indonesia, one of my tasks is working with bloggers and online communities.

Talking about the professional blogging’s opportunity, there are two models that you can choose if you really wanted to pick blogging as your main job:  As a (1) publisher; or (2) freelancer. The first one requires knowledge and skills to monetize your blogs — you should be an expert on online advertising, referral programs, SEO and so on. Another one just need your skill as a writer– just write for some sites or blogs and you’ll get paid.

I preferred the second one –since writing is nothing new for me. But I need to know the nature of blogging’s tools and communities.  That’s why I should start blogging. It’s a new world and we can’t understand it just by relying on our common-sense.  I believe that blogging is a kind of “science” –that’s why we need to learn its methodology, theory, medium, community and so on.

I just started to blog [seriously] since the beginning of 2006 when I started to write for my own gadget site called 3GWeek. Written in English, the blog mostly discusses about telecommunications and mobile technology.

Why did I choose technology as a major topic for my blogging? It’s simple. I love everything about technology. I was also conducting a small research and noticed that even the big tech blogs were still fighting to seek good writers and bloggers for their publications. That’s a big opportunity, right? I became more convinced that my preferred topic (technology) and medium (blogs) is a good decision…

And blogging is not only about content, but also about community. I found that writing for blogs is a bit different than writing for printing media –in term of interacting with readers. I already wrote a bunch of newspaper’s articles for years but I don’t know whether the readers like it or not. On the other hand, with blogging, I could get readers’ response quickly. That’s amazing. I learned a lot from them. I try to talk with them, instead of to teach them.

Just about a few months after I started blogging, CNET, the world’s leading tech news portal, invited me to blog for them about Indonesia’s technology scenes.  Then a U.S. based online publications also offered me to write for SlashPhone, PhoneMag and iPhoneBuzz.

As a blogger, I was invited to some tech events and conferences in Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Stuttgart, Barcelona and Amsterdam. I was also invited to be a jury member for the Deutsche Welle Blog Awards in Berlin (November 2008) and April 2010 (yes, I am now here in Germany to attend the meeting).

So, if you again ask me, what does blogging mean for me? “It means a lot. Blogging has changed my life!”


  1. So, if you again ask me, what does blogging mean for me? “It means a lot. Blogging has changed my life!”cant agree more!

  2. Blogging to you, Mr. Budi, was just like coding to me. Come as a natural way and live with it! Congrats for your achievement until today! So proud to know about you!

  3. well I think you had inspired me to be a full time blogger.thanks for sharing your experience then. :-)

  4. Agree, Mas Budi. Blogging also changed my life : give me wide opportunity and fantastic miracle. I love blogging. Now and forever.Nice post, thanks for share

  5. Blogging, such between the beetle and the block for me but…by the sweat of one’s brow Im holding the pass to learn and understand more and more…thanx for sharing this spirit pak Budi

  6. yess!! fully agree w/ pak budip :) so does blogging for me. it means a lot, when I can change my life, at least, i can change my point of view when I was blogwalking, i got my scholarship by winning a blogging contest, i can share manything in my blog. manyone knows me because of my thought, not because of my face. haha. im not such a “perfect look girl”.. :D haha.. oia, the last one i love is “i could see you in pestablogger 2009” :) and yes, i came there proudly as a prolific blogger. (not to say that i’m still prolific, hehe). i love this new era

  7. still remember our chat at Starbucks Orchard a few years back with Pak Indra. At first I thougt, this guy is crazy to leave such an established position for blogging. Well look who’s crazy now LOL! Hats off, two thumbs up for you, sir!

  8. Nengratna; thanks for sharing your passion on blogging.Rane Hafied: yeah, that’s the first time I leaked the info. Thanks for your time to listen my (crazy) plan at the moment. I always believe that nothing is imposible if we have an eager to make it happen..haerulsohib: yeah! agreed! :-)

  9. I have started blogging 2 moths ago,…always blogwalking every day and try to learn how to write from many blog..Today, I learned from your article about blogging..very helpfullthanks alot..

  10. Indeed, om, blogging also has changed my life. It’s a kind of mind-sharpening practice to me.

    Congratz to you for all the great achievements!

  11. I was a freelance writer for some paid posting services but I never thought that blogging can even bring someone as further as what you achieve now.

    Your story is truly inspiring. Will find my way to be there as well *finger crossed*

  12. Luar biasa pak, salut saya ingin bisa menempuh jalur hidup sebagai seorang full blogger yang sukses. jalur pertama ataupun yang ke dua, masih saya pelajari mana yang lebih sesuai. Terima kasih telah menginspirasi.

  13. i’m just now came to your work shop in Lampung. I’m a collegiant. And thanks for your spirit to “keep on blogging” . :)

    i promise that i will enhance my skill about writing..

  14. Bung Budi , I agree with what was raised. It can not be denied there was indeed a fundamental difference with writing on the blog media such as newspapers. That’s how I feel though only some time writing a blog and still learning, but there is a distinct pleasure that I say what kind of tough.

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  16. […] After a year with the magazine team, Tempo sent me to the daily Koran Tempo editorial team and handling Science & Technology and Digital Desk. In 2006, I was in charge as Content Manager for Tempo online edition, Tempo Interaktif. I quit Tempo in March, 2006 for a new venture as a freelancer and ‘full-time’ blogger. […]

  17. Berkali-kali saya jatuh bangun belajar tentang blog, bagaimana membangun blog yang baik, seringkali berpikiran untuk stop..tapi kalo baca-baca pengalaman seperti ini, membuat saya terpacu lagi untuk terus berjalan di rel ini. trima kasih mas Budi Putra untuk inspirasinya

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